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- Tarot Card Reading -

"I couldn't have asked for a better tarot card reading. Not only did Tessie address my question regarding a romantic issue, she went deeper into the underlying cause of the issues and brought great insight as to why certain situations where continually happening. Her clear explanations gave me a greater understanding of the events that were clouding my relationship." ........Shannon from L.A.
"Tessie provided me with excellent insight and direction with her tarot reading. During our session, I was able to see where her guidance will definitely help me out, and her honesty and friendliness was a joy." ......David from L.A.
-   Dream Interpretation -
  "Often times, I get a recurring dream that never ends or continues in my head or subconscious. I keep thinking of the dream and usually I'm too involved in the experience to fully understand what it means. That's when I talk to Tessie -- she simplifies the symbols and events in a way that I can relate to in my everyday life. And then the dream makes sense! Also, interpreting those symbols and dream events makes it easier for me to re-evaluate certain aspects of my life that have been bothering me or blocking me from making a clear decision.".......Dienne from California
"It always fascinates me when Tessie interprets my dreams, because it's as if she can read my mind and can somehow understand everything that I'm going through. It's a testament to all of her experience and knowledge of symbology. She just senses what your subconscious is trying to tell you and puts it in a way that makes you understand and realize the message that you need to hear. I love it." ......Alix from California
- Reiki Class -

"When I took my introduction to Reiki taught by Tessie, it was the most enlightening experience on so many levels.  She made it fun and enjoyable, not just learning a course. She taught me to feel and imagine the experiences that our prior teachers saw. 


She made the experience very personal and enjoyable to the extent that you could really see that she loves what she does.  When she initiated us, she opened up something special in me and I could see colors just swirling around the room.  I could see those colors when we practiced on each other and still see those same colors on people when I perform the Reiki. They help me see where they need the most healing.  I learned so much about my own abilities to facilitate healing on others.  When I left the class it felt wonderful to have those same warm healing energies do their work on me. 


I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested."....Lara from L.A.

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